Last week my husband and I had a grand success: We pulled off our first Thanksgiving dinner netflix serie downloaden mb! The Turkey was divine, the gravy was stupendous, and only one dish (yams) got left behind in the kitchen.

We had a few friends and my husbands’ family to feed download ajax tickets. Occasionally I wish I believed in god enough to pray that if we ever get knocked up, our child will have the sweet, kind and laid back demeanor of my husbands people rather that the neurotic, high strung, slightly mad persona of mine jewel quest for free without download. They say your not allowed to pick though which I think is sort of unfair on the part of god, but so it is.

Second in difficulty rating to making the gravy was the hour that I was left alone in our house with my husbands’ adorable five-year-old nephew gratis musik von youtube downloaden. I like to think of myself as a real snow white when it comes to kids, but the truth is I need a camera in my hand to bring out my inner snow white. After what seemed like half a day of eating crackers, engaging in a tickling contest (I won) making faces at each other (he won) eating more crackers, accidentally knocking over a coffee table and breaking three glasses after which yours truly let slip a very loud, very inappropriate swear word, and generally utilizing every possible activity in a non-kid household I was exhausted but congratulating myself on a job well done download wizard101 for free.

Until I realized only 20 minutes had passed.

Fortunately, said nephew is a member of my husbands’ clan and had a fairly practical approach to my panic, he sat down at the table and ate the cookie his mother had left for him herunterladen. A cookie I had completely forgotten about. Then he asked for a glass of milk. If he had been one of my peoples, he would have decided to throw a temper tantrum instead as a ruse to get the day moving along download sims 4 free houses.

Oh—and in case you’re curious, the most attractive dish on a thanksgiving menu is the cranberry sauce. While it’s cooking anyway. Simply divine gpg4win herunterladen. I don’t know why it doesn’t get more play.

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  1. JF says:

    These pictures are sooooo delectable. I just licked my screen, and I don’t think you’re supposed to do that.