Give me Lemons and I’ll make (Meyer)lemonade

I have this very clear memory of the first time I remember seeing snow; I was 6 and the giant windows in my first grade classroom became blanketed in the most perfect and luscious shade of white.  For a moment, the loud screeching sound of 30 other children dimmed and you could hear some kids suck in their breath with wonder. My world was silent and perfect and bright. This is how I feel when I walk into the cosmetics section of any large department store, Bloomingdales say, or Saks, the world goes quiet and my breathing becomes more….more…. relaxed.

I love everything about it; the glistening bottles of moisturizer and colorful tubes of lipstick and trays and trays of eye shadow and the perfect, clear liquid toners. TONER! Really, it is the most underutilized product, you think it doesn’t matter because it looks like water, but so does vodka and clearly vodka is very important so why does everyone overlook toner? It’s so wrong.

When I was in high school, I had a French teacher who was actually French—this was in the 80’s when everyone still assumed the French were the ultimate authority on beauty—we had not yet caught on to the whole hairy armpit thing—anyway I was thrilled to be in the audience of someone so…well…so French! I assumed it would be a beauty tip cornucopia. Well.  The only tip she ever let go was to squeeze lemon in your eyeballs to make your eyes look brighter. Bad, bad idea. Also, she gave me a D+. A year later I learned about the armpits. Horrid.

Twenty years later I moved to California and discovered the Meyer Lemon. Terrible in the eyes but perfection in the mouth. Perfection!