What a difference a home makes

Two weeks ago, something amazing happened.

It all started back in December. I photographed a dog named Benny at Muttville Senior Dog Rescue minecraft skins herunterladen pc. As with many dogs, I did not know his backstory. The word I would have used to describe Benny was, sadly,  ‘dejected’. He was super sweet, and he really seemed to like having his picture taken, but I got the sense he was really down on life Download commandos behind enemy lines for free.

Two weeks ago, Benny’s new family brought him and his siblings, Jojo and Ginger, to my studio for a photo shoot.

The Benny that pranced into my studio was a completely different dog disney spiele kostenlos downloaden.

Benny is now the happiest dog I have ever met (and I’ve met some really happy dogs) he literally could not stop smiling.

Check this out:

The first image I took  of Benny on his first day at Muttville ocr-a font for free. He did not have a family yet.

Right below it, you’ll see one of the images I took two weeks ago, after he was adopted into his new family:







I know…I needed a tissue as well Download karaoke songs for free.


Later in the day, I had this image in my mind of all three siblings in a line together. I placed Benny first, with Ginger right next to him followed by Jojo.   Benny’s Moms were on the left and right (I often place parents next to the dogs, but out of the frame, because it helps the fur children feel at ease) and went to photograph, but Benny had other ideas; he pranced forward so he was standing just in front of his moms and siblings,  and sorta puffed out his chest, like some combo of Vanna White and Pink, and basically said ‘Check it out amazon prime laptop! I won the prize! I got the best family ever and I’m happy!’


Yes, Benny, yes you did.

Benny, Ginger & Jojo

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  1. russell says:

    love. this. story. uniquely told from the photographer’s point of view!
    (thanks for volunteering at muttville, ellen)
    i meet benny at muttville, and now i am his dogwalker at small club. his transformation is stunning and i couldn’t be happier for him.
    tell the world — you, too, can make THIS big of a difference in a dog like benny’s life by adopting (or volunteering) with a dog rescue!

  2. Jean says:

    Thank you for this, it’s just awesome and yes, I did need the tissue…took me by surprise the beauty and drama of Benny’s transformation!

  3. sherri says:

    amazing that smile, I love this so mcu, what a great story in photos