I’m not gonna lie, last week was kind of a bummer.


I was just having—you know—one of those weeks. Like, all I wanted to do was loll about, listen to Taylor Swift songs, and ask my Mother to bring me a sick tray of Matzah brei and ginger ale.


Then I remembered that

a)I’m not seven years old

b) My mother lives 3,000 miles away and

c)Sick trays are so passé they don’t even use them on Mad Men anymore.


I glumly wandered into my bi-monthly pro-bonoMuttville Senior Dog Rescue shoot, shoulders slumped down, the tragedy of my life weighing heavy upon my brow…. and…..


My crap ass mood was Dunzo!

The crew at muttville was so sweet, so funny, so marvelous, I almost grabbed an umbrella in one hand, popped a beribboned hat atop Einteins head and broke out into this rendition of Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

So you know we’re doing this week! We’re making the whole crew Dog of the Month!

THAT’S RIGHT MY FINE FURRY FRIENDS! ALL OF YOU! (what? That’s a problem for you? There’s, like, some sort of rule book that says I have to pick one? Whatev. This is my project and I can do what I want and this month I’m celebrating. If you’ve got such a problem go down to Muttville Manor  yourself–you’ll see!–You’ll totally go home with a pack of new furry friends!)

May I present to you, the fabulous, mood enhancing, lovable and talented dogs of Muttville: