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“The vulnerability of the female and male characters elevates it to the next level. A must to read!` RT book Avis`A winsome, delicate contemporary romanticism.` The publishing house`s weekly praise for Elizabeth Hayley and her novels “Scorching… Elizabeth Hayley is a writer she can watch. – Tracy Anne Warren, New York Times best-selling author of Mad About the Man” A New Voice in the World of Contemporary Romanticism. -Sidney Halston, USA Today Bestsyman of Below the Belt “An easy read with enjoyable characters.” – The best comments “The vulnerability of female and male main characters takes this to the next stage. There`s a must to read! (RT Book Reviews” A most winning and delicate contemporary romance. – The publisher`s weekly anger fades because of me while I watch it. “What would you do to end Getty`s wedding? The offer to pose with her in boudoir pictures? Oh, my God. Nick has the audacity to smile while I`m. He tries to hide it, but I see the fun in his eyes. I slipped a finger into his chest and continued.

“Because there`s no way to get this client by yourself, you spoil your ass!” I have never made anyone doubt a marriage story, because everyone knows that anything is possible at a wedding. If you take two families that are practically foreign, you assemble them for a day that revolves around a girl`s childhood dreams, the hopes that every parent has for their children, and a bill that seems to be a mortgage, people can have some kind of nuts. And that kind of nudity made for great stories —writing one that`s completely fiction would almost look like cheating. Marriages are crazy, and the madman is contagious. But the stories! Stories are worth almost everything. Sometimes they`re cute. There were high school sweethearts who split up, made false twists and fought over the years to rediscover themselves in their golden years and tie the knot with their grandchildren in the wedding party. And then there were the ridiculous and crazy stories that no one would believe if they hadn`t revolved around a wedding. I hear Amy`s voice through the front wall of the small store talking to a potential photography customer for their wedding. I`m in the back and I`m putting on props from the photo shoot this morning.