Bill Cash Clause Withdrawal Agreement

Friend of the MP for Stone (Sir William Cash) because he is one of the co-authors of this excellent government bill. I also support the minister in opposing various new clauses and amendments before us. I appreciate the spirit in which the honourable gentleman approaches this debate and his amendments. Will he determine whether the 10 amendments he outlines would involve a change to the withdrawal agreement of 585 laterals? Does the minister accept that our sovereignty be restricted because we currently have a veto over many votes? Some of them are mostly submissive, as the former president of the European Control Commission said, but we are one of the 27 nations. Now, under the terms of the World Trade Organization, we will be one of the 164 countries and we will not be able to change the rules. These conditions will increase the cost of drugs and prevent us from nationalizing things, which will further limit our sovereignty.