What Was The Purpose Of The Paris Agreement And What Are Some Of Its Weaknesses

I don`t think anyone makes fun of the intention or meaning of Paris. I and others doubt the effectiveness of an agreement with immediate financial commitments, but without any discernible results for decades to come. In the United States, we see how our Environmental Protection Agency is not considered irrelevant fifty years after its creation. Since 1970, the EPA can be credited with comprehensively improving air and water quality and maintaining it to this day. www.npr.org/2017/05/18/528998592/energy-companies-urge-trump-to-remain-in-paris-climate-agreement We wish the newborn good luck, but after some postnatal deliberations, it is clear that the birth of the Paris Agreement should inspire us to inspire both hope and caution. Some political developments are generally good and welcome. Other changes are largely bad.